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Best air fresheners for your car you can buy

How important is it to choose a car air freshener? In reality it is not so much, after all, an air freshener is something that runs out over time. However, the most curious thing is that there are many different types of air freshener on the market . And we are not just talking about its own smell, but about the "technology" they use. For more insights jump to: best car air freshener

Today there is a very wide variety of different air fresheners with which you can flavor the vehicle . You can choose an air conditioner diffuser air freshener, a hanging wooden air freshener, or even a can. Although you may find it curious, cans are the most sold on Amazon .

We have made a selection of what users buy the most so that you can orient yourself. Different air fresheners, so you can try several or choose the one you prefer.

California Scents

It is the best seller on Amazon , and we assume that if it is, it must be for something. It is not one of those air fresheners that we usually buy in the usual car store. It's a can, American-style . You can carry it on the dashboard, on a side tray, or under the seat, which is one of the best options.

It provides odor for 60 days, and even after that time you can continue to use the air freshener for smaller areas, such as the glove compartment, or the boot, which will continue to provide odor.


And now we do go to a much more classic one , the kind that everyone has ever had in the car. The Ambipur air freshener for the vehicle that is located in the car's diffuser. It doesn't have much mystery. It is a small piece with its essence that is responsible for flavoring the incoming air. Logically, we will have to activate the air intake, either conditioned, or from the outside. Air circulation would also be worth it.

We can choose between different scents, and after all it is a classic as a home air freshener and a car air freshener, as well as a guarantee of quality.

Panda air freshener

This option is not so classic, and in fact, it will not go with your Audi RS7 supercar. However, your children are very likely to love it. Basically, it is the head of a panda bear , which is also the vehicle's diffuser, and which has the function of an air freshener.

Although to some it might seem a little cheesy, to more than one it seems quite "cute". As we say, it is not the best option for your sports car, but it can be curious to carry in a Fiat 500 with flower stickers.

Audi air freshener with gecko design

Speaking of Audi , and supercars, if it's your car, a great option could be this air freshener with the design of a gecko . This animal is a symbol in the motor world, and it is quite a declaration of intent to choose an air freshener with this design.

If you are one of those who like to take roundabouts with some oversteer, without a doubt this will be the air freshener that you should take in your vehicle.

Wooden hanging bottle

Another good option could be the typical wooden hanging bottle that today we can find in all the gas stations and supermarkets in the world. Its operation is curious. It has a glass tank where it has the liquid essence . We turn it for a few seconds so that it impregnates the wood, and we have already secured a whole series of days of setting in the vehicle. The ideal is to hang it from the interior mirror.